The short and long term effects of cocaine abuse

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Short And Long-Term Effects Of Snorting Cocaine

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What are the Long-term Effects of Cocaine Addiction? Depending the method cocaine is used it can have different physical and psychological effects, with some effects being more serious than others, and causing harm much quicker.

The method by which cocaine is administered has an influence on the short-term effects of the drug: Snorting can have relatively delayed effects on the body, but leads to a longer high. Smoking or injecting has a more rapid effect--with onset in as few as 7 seconds, but with duration of only minutes.

Long-term cocaine use can also damage the kidneys.

Alcohol and Drug Use During Pregnancy

As with the short-term effects, the way that people use the drug can influence the effects. Snorting the substance can lead to irritation of the nasal septum, nosebleeds and hoarseness; while injections can lead to.

Long-Term Side Effects of Cocaine Abuse Long-term abuse of cocaine can cause a myriad of physical problems. Sometimes, it is possible to reverse the damage done to the body through cocaine or crack cocaine abuse; however, years of abuse may cause irreversible effects.

Cocaine and crack abuse facts Cocaine, also called coke, nose candy, snow, blow, or toot, is a drug that comes from the coca plant. Crack cocaine, also called rock or rock cocaine, is cocaine.

Steroids: Definition, Short & Long Term Effects, Risks & Addiction

Because codeine is an opiate drug, it can cause several side effects, particularly when abused. Physical dependence, tolerance, addiction, and overdose are also potential problems with codeine abuse, especially with long-term abuse.

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Be aware of the side effects .

The short and long term effects of cocaine abuse
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Effects of Drug Abuse | Short & Long-Term Effects of Addiction