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Throat projects have been born to examine the markets for geo-textile agenda and projects to improve efficiency of situation for various jute autobiographies. Introducing new technologies in this post Introducing new technology in formal sector has become a necessity to notice in the competitive market.

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UN sponsored International Jute Study Group (IJSG) and the organization said jute-made shopping and food grade bags, composite, geo-textiles, pulp and paper have a huge market potential in the face of rising environmental consciousness and demand for green products.

Jute is extensively used for sacking for agriculture goods as well as being used increasingly in rigid packaging and reinforced plastic and is replacing wood in pulp and paper.

By-products Diversified by-products from jute include its use in cosmetics, medicine, paints, and other products. The industrial term for jute Fiber is raw jute. The Fibers are off-white to brown, and 1–4 metres (3–12 feet) long.

[pic] Jute Plant Chemical Composition of Jute: Jute is composed of 65% cellulose and 35% natural wages, oils and cements (lignin). Posted: 04 Oct, Use of jute bags mandatory after Oct 25 for packaging six goods State Minister for Textile and Jute Mirza Azam has called for strictly following the Jute Packaging Act and said the use of jute bags would be mandatory after October 25this year for.

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Fibers taken from recycled jute rope are cut by hand and made into an exquisite, eco-friendly pulp for paper. Artisans in Bangladesh then hand-form each sheet and hand-marble each pattern onto the sheets.

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Because the marbling is custom made, every sheet of this decorative paper will be completely unique. Jute fiber paper weighs approximately 96 gsm and is available in " x 11" and 21" x

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