Post abortion syndrome

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Post-Abortion Syndrome

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Abortion PTSD Symptoms

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Post Abortion Syndrome. Post-abortion Syndrome - The Symptoms Post-abortion Syndrome symptoms may start immediately or years later. While the medical community may argue as to the validity of it, as a former Pro-choice believer I can assure you it is real.

Abortion PTSD or post-abortion syndrome has many symptoms depending on the variables surrounding the abortion experience. Some symptoms are listed below. Post-Abortion Syndrome occurs when the grieving process is not completed.

abortion trauma syndrome

Our society is just now beginning to recognize the need to grieve a miscarriage, but because abortion is considered a voluntary act, a women’s grief after an abortion is not understood or supported.

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS) is the name that has been given to the psychological aftereffects of abortion, based on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Post-abortion syndrome. The idea that abortion has negative psychological effects was widely promoted by crisis pregnancy centers in the s and the term "post-abortion syndrome" has widely been used by anti-abortion advocates to broadly include any negative emotional reactions attributed to abortion.

Abortion PTSD

Jan 21,  · A growing number of anti-abortion activists, despite social-science research, claim that women are traumatized by their abortions — and are trying to use this to reframe the abortion debate.

Post abortion syndrome
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Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) or Abortion PTSD Symptoms and Healing