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History: Christian/Lutheran Orthodoxy and Pietism-So What? term paper 2361

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Pietism definition is - a 17th century religious movement originating in Germany in reaction to formalism and intellectualism and stressing Bible study and personal religious experience.

Pietism and Enlightenment

a 17th century religious movement originating in Germany in reaction to formalism and intellectualism and stressing Bible study and personal.

From a March conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota, 25 papers look at Pietism and the Pietist impulse, continental German Pietism, the Pietist impulse under the conditions of modernity, Wesley the Pietist, trans-Atlantic Scandinavian Pietism during the 19th and 20th centuries.

It is especially concerned with developments and transitions in Pietist thought and practice both on the Continent and in its various transatlantic forms.

Contributions are not limited to the German-speaking world, but essays should take into account how German Pietism was mediated, adopted, retrieved, and/or adapted by other Christian communities. Dietrich Bonhoeffer of the German Confessing Church framed the same characterization in less positive terms when he called Pietism the last attempt to save Christianity as a religion: Given that for him religion was a negative term, more or less an opposite to revelation, this constitutes a rather scathing judgment.

Bonhoeffer denounced the. Issue Pietism: The Inner Experience of Faith You're Such a Pietist How many Christians would want to be called a “pietist” nowadays? The term has taken on a. View Essay - Paper on Wesleys, Pietism and the History of Christianity from THEO at Malone University.

Pietism and Enlightenment

Gary Colledge THEO 02/17/ Wesleys, Pietism and the History of Christianity 2 The TERM Spring '08 PROFESSOR LINVILLE Paper on Wesleys.

Paper pietism term
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