Metallic inkjet paper

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Kodak Pro Inkjet Paper, 10

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Metallic Paper

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Inkjet paper

Metallic papers even metal itself can be printed on with today's new wide-format inkjet printers There is metallic paper, metallic film, but what printshop owners are after today is printable metallic substrates, both roll-to-roll and rigid, for using with UV-cured flatbed printers.

The dry toner printing technology of a laser printer is preferable for printing on metallic papers than the wet ink printing technology of an inkjet printer.

The dry toner better adheres to. For printing on metallic inkjet paper we recommend using the highest quality print settings and ICC profiles for Premium Glossy Photo Paper (Epson Printers), Glossy Photo Paper gsm (Canon Printers) and HP Universal Instant Dry Gloss Photo Paper (HP Printers).

Metallic Inkjet Review In the wet print world many photographers have a fondness for Kodak Endura Metallic paper. Its distinctive shine and metallic appearance appeals to some, and for certain images produces an amazing “pop” that can’t be reproduced by other wet print glossy options.

Arista-II Metallic Lustre gsm is the same high quality paper as our Arista Photograde RC paper but with the additions of a metallic layer. It is a microporous RC photograde inkjet paper with a metallic surface layer that yields prints similar.

Kodak Endura Metallic Ink Jet Paper and printing at home

Metallic inkjet paper can also add a clean, distinctive gleam to photographs of cars, jewelry, architectural details, and polished metal fixtures and industrial equipment. The high dynamic range of metallic printing paper increases the tonal range of black-and-white images, and .

Metallic inkjet paper
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What Is Metallic Photo Paper?