George carver

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Nature and nurture ultimately influenced George on his quest for education to becoming a renowned agricultural scientist, educator, and humanitarian.

George Washington Carver was born in Diamond Grove, Missouri around A frail, sickly child, Carver was unable to work in the fields, so he did household chores and gardening.

He was left with many free hours to wander the woods — collecting rocks and flowers, and beginning a lifelong love. Principal's Open House Message; Application and Audition Process; Published Materials and Websites by Faculty and Staff; National and Local Recognition.

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George Washington Carver (), best known for his work as a scientist and a botanist, was an anomaly in his own time—a black man praised by white America. View the profiles of people named George Carver. Join Facebook to connect with George Carver and others you may know.

Facebook gives people the power to. Castration Rumors.

George W. Carver (1865? - 1943)

Carver was known to have a high-pitched voice, and he also never married. These two things contributed to rumors and speculation about his sexuality and possible castration as a child.

George carver
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Was George Washington Carver Castrated as a Child?